The Challenge

The challenge always will be finding the time to do everything in the day.  Today has been rather productive(in reality this post was written like a week ago and I’m just getting back to it).  Two loads of dishes in the washer and a load of laundry in that washer and dinner in the crock pot.  There is still drying of the clothes, putting away of the dishes and finishing the dinner.  As well as trying to clean up in general along the way.  My best little helper is the little vacuum robot I have.  The last thing on my mind is sweeping up every little spill the kids do and honestly vacuuming is the first thing on my mind if anyone is coming over.  This little robot keeps the house floor tidy while I can concentrate on other things.  He’s, yes we call him a he, on a schedule to vacuum every day and he gets a good range of the house.  He has to charge mid way but for the most part he keeps things in check.  Sometimes I have to move him so he gets part of the house more than usual but that’s a small price to pay for one less chore to do.

I’ve also given myself a challenge.  To become more involved in the social media aspect of the internet and my art.  I’ve spent the majority of my adult life throwing my art up on the internet willy nilly and now I’m doing my best in attempt to get a better outlook out there.  What’s harder is finding and aspect to concentrate on.  I’ve always looked to the people in trying to find that but have never got a real discerning answer.  My ribbon fish, for example, are loved by people.  At least, that is what they say.  But I find it hard to sell.  I’m guessing the price is too high but at the same time they take a long time to make.  Each fish with bead accents as well as eyes sewn in cause the creation time to increase up to twenty minutes a fish.  That can be intense when there are a lot to make.  Those fish usually range from $6-$8.  Recently in a store that my fish are in I placed ‘cheaper’ fish.  These are simple and have no eyes or bead embellishments and take less time.  And these sell better.  But they don’t look nearly as cute to me.  Feel free to take a look and let me know your input.

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