The Next Attempt on Organization

Here is my attempt to keep some sort of record going.  A post a day, today to reflect on organization.  While my daughter naps I have some relative peace.  I say relative because just as I was typing that last sentence my 3 year old son just screamed at the top of his lungs.  He doesn’t nap…if he does then he is wired until 3 AM.

Slowly but surely I’m getting this new house unpacked and settled.  The more I finish in this aspect the better I feel.  Less clutter and more organization really does clear up the head cobwebs.  With the way things are going with such a hectic house hold the less ‘cobwebs’ the better!

And several hours later I’m getting back to this blog update.  It’s possible that I’m going to need to start these at night haha.  Even now my son demands that I help him play the Lego Batman game on his tablet.  A lot of the areas he can do himself but he wants help for which reasons I’m not really sure.  I want to support the fact that he can ask for help and will get it, but when its the same level I’ve personally helped him with for the hundredth time…it makes you wonder.  It’s just hard to do anything else when you’re stuck helping a toddler with a video game.  But we should all enjoy this time while it lasts right?  I assume my future will be full of dragging my family together and forcing them to spend time together because we will all be doing our own games or who knows what.  So not looking forward to those teenage years.

Okay, so what was the point of this post?  Yay new organization!  I think.  It’s going to take some time still but we’re getting there.  And that is what really matters, persistence.

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